Why is immunized vs vaccinated is not the same thing.

Immunized means you can’t get sick. It means one vaccine will prevent disease. Not to be vaccinated over and over. These are not interchangeable terms.

Example 1:  The DTAP vaccine is given 5 times before the age of 12.  Every 10 years after that. If you were “immunized” you would not need to be vaccinated over and over again and expect different results.

You may be vaccinated but you are not immunized.

Example 2: The mumps outbreaks at Universities such as Harvard and Ohio are among people already vaccinated.  Jose Rodriguez who said “Even if one person is unvaccinated, we are all at risk.”  Well, what exactly does that the vaccine protect you from, Mr Rodriguez? That is admission.

Merck has admitted that there is a class action lawsuit for the mumps that it doesn’t work.