Leaky Gut is linked to so many things besides the gastrointestinal system. It can by the root of your joint pain, thyroid disease, autoimmunity, slow metabolism and low energy.  Think of your gut like a net with little holes like the picture above.

It lets small substances through, while preventing bigger particles from passing through. Someone with leaky gut is a damaged net or a net with bigger holes that let in substances that should not be included.

The substances let through are things like Gluten, bacteria and undigested foods. Toxic waste that pass through causing your immune system to fight it off. That net would look like this.

Gluten that leaks thought the net can act like an opioid in the brain and the person feels a “high” from eating it. You see kids after eating a cookie get glassy eyed stumbling around reacting to their environment like they are drunk.

Gluten free is not a fad or a latest craze, it is a beginning step in healing leaky gut, don’t ignore it or cheat a little bit or tease someone with a cookie. It’s a serious problem.