You thought you recovered from Lyme and you think you don’t have to talk about it anymore. That’s kind of how I feel, but every now and then I have a relapse. While, I exercise every day and work very hard, there are some days were I don’t feel so good, and I wear this gigantic very warm sweater.

In the old days with chronic Lyme, I would get very cold, and it’s like I’m cold from the inside. No matter how many layers I wear or how cold it is outside. I’m packed up like an eskimo, chilled out on the couch. I can’t get warm because the chill is coming from the inside. My body can’t warm up. I have so much fatigue, I can’t move. I just sleep, watch television and I’m forgetful about current events and nouns. People say it’s from getting old, and maybe somewhat, but I’ve always been that way because of the Lyme. It feels like I’m carrying extra weights around. My whole body feels painful and heavy. It takes so much effort  to do the littlest things.

On a good day I can exercise for an hour and still feel like it’s not enough. I can run around all day feeling amazing and remembering everything. I can work out with seven pound weights in my hands, and eight pound ankle weights. I’m strong and I can do push ups and planks.

If you have moments of pain and fatigue and in my case, feelings of utter cold. That’s a herximer reaction. You feel bad when you’re starting to get better. And it happens to the best of us. I just don’t want to ever go through all the pain ever again. My lyme disease was a work in progress. I’m still working.