In 1905 there was a law Jacobson vs Massachusetts set out to mandate only one vaccine, smallpox. The fine for not doing so was five dollars. This very law is the basis for the nation and state to mandate vaccines now but not just one vaccine, but every last one. This law was used as  a basis to mandate vaccines in California, West Virginia and Mississippi where their religious and philosophical rights are taken away and vaccines are now mandated. In Virginia, this law is again being used as a basis to mandate all vaccines in this state as well.

The doctor was just taught, we have always done vaccines and they were always safe. But were they?


The book Vaccination, A curse and a menace to Personal Liberty, by JM Peebles states that the only way to get rid of disease was by good sanitation and he said that vaccines were blood poisoning. This book was written in 1905. Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy did not discover the idea to stop mandating vaccines, this began way before they were even alive. Yet the CDC blames them for that all of those protests. I bought this book on ebay and when you see this type of book, I suggest you buy it too. Don’t repeat history.

Stop blaming Andy Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy and start blaming vaccine manufacturers.

If we could sue the manufacturers for our injuries, the vaccine program would have stopped years ago.