Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that lives in the gut of cats. It ends up in the cat’s litter box. It wants to go back where to it’s natural home int the gut. , How does it do that? It goes to where it’s most likely for the cat to eat it.  So that rat that has toxoplasmosis, goes to the cat on purpose to be eaten.  The rat heading towards the cat is on a suicidal mission.

The human can be exposed in a number of ways including from changing cat litter, but also uncooked meat, using cooking utensils that have touched under-cooked meat, water that contains toxoplasmosis, mother to child transference, or an organ transplant or blood transfusion that contained it.

Many people with a strong immunity have no symptoms at all and may not even know that they have it, but others with a weaker immunity may becomes like the rat and has a suicidal tendencies, depression or neurotic.

The prevention is common sense. Wash your dishes and utensils well if used on raw meat. Cook your meat and shellfish well. Keep your cat inside to prevent exposure.