We have the story all wrong about the stereotype of the Crazy Cat Lady.  The story we were told was that the lady became crazy so she bought some cats to keep her company. The Truth is that there is a bacteria found in cat feces that can make you crazy. She did not become crazy and buy a cat, but the cat itself or it’s cat feces made her that way.

The parasite is called Toxoplasma Gondii.

The parasite wants to be the gut of the cat. He goes to where that is likely to happen, so the rat, moves towards the cat and gets eaten on purpose, changing the cat’s behavior to put himself in danger.

While some experience no symptoms, others experience depression and psychiatric symptoms. Psychiatrists should be asking their patients if they own a cat or regularly change the cat litter.


Here are all the ways you can get it.

  • Raw undercooked meat
  • animal to human
  • Transfer of Mommy to Baby.