Let’s put your money where you mouth is, California. You want to isolate kids because you think they are full of disease and you are keeping them out of school, even though a year ago they were in school and doing just peachy? Well, let’s just see about that. Paul Offit thinks that there are no unvaccinated and that this would be unethical. Well apparently, not in California. There are people all over California who skip, delay or avoid vaccines.

I don’t like the phrase unvaccinated. That means you are supposed to be vaccinated but you are not. How about the vaccinated are now called poisoned and the unvaccinated are not poisoned.

Let’s compare the poisoned and the not poisoned. The not poisoned don’t have crohn’s disease, asthma, allergies, autism, learning disabilities and speech delays. In fact, California schools, compare these kids not only in their physical health but in their amount of special education, speech therapy, occupational, vision or physical therapy. Let’s compare the number of therapists.

If California were to reverse this situation and let the not poisoned kids remain in school and those with vaccines stay home, the amount of money saved in the budget for music, art, and sports could be amazing. Doesn’t California want to save money? They will have less absenteeism, less tardiness from doctor visits too.

Come on California. You need an poisoned vs unpoisoned study. Here it is.