Our government agencies in charge of health care are corrupt. There is a list now and some of them are still here. Dr Brenda Fitzgerald, Julie Gerberding, who were directors of the CDC and Alex Azar, and Tom Price who were and are head of HHS.

Brenda Fitzgerald most recently resigned from the CDC because she purchased tobacco stock in companies like Reynolds America, Phillip Morris International and Altria Group. She also invested in vaccine manufacturers like Merck. This is blatant conflict of interest, when it is the CDC responsibility to prevent smoking and to promote vaccines.

The conflict of interest seems to be rampant in government agencies. Julie Gerberding, while promoting the safety and effectiveness of the MMR vaccine, left the CDC to become the director of the vaccine division of Merck, the maker of the MMR. She then sold her stock  worth 38, 368 shares.


Health and Human Services also has a conflict of interest. Tom Price resigned because he chartered private jets worth 400,000. His private flights were billed to the government, so in essence, we as taxpayers paid for his flights.

Lastly Alex Azar used to be a part of Eli Lilly the maker of thimerisal the mercury in the multi dose flu shot. Again a conflict of interest. How can he prove it’s safety if he gains a profit. He was still granted to become Health and Human Services Secretary.  We’ll see if he suddenly resigns as well.