Harvard T stop in tile near the famed university

There is a lawsuit listed in the Huffington Post,  that the whistle blowers at Merck explained that they know that the mumps vaccine is not effective. Though the doctors claim over and over again how effective this vaccine is, when the vaccine fails at Ohio University, at Harvard, they want a third dose so it will fail again.

In the case at Ohio University, the spokesman from Columbus, Ohio Health Department, Jose Rodrigues, says, “If even one person is effected, we are all at risk.”

No actually the mumps vaccine is supposed to Immunize you where you are NOT at risk. The vaccine is supposed to protect you. Clearly, not the case here.

At Harvard, all the people who had the mumps were vaccinated. This is just an excuse to pull a third dose, since since the vaccine failed for two times already.

Symptoms of Mumps