Diseases like  the plague, anthrax and influenza are sometimes used as a bio weapon, so if the CDC refuses to disclose their safety mishaps to congress through Freedom of Information act requests, it should concern you.

Congress asked for the same documents, but not blacked out to reveal which labs were closed for safety violations. These workers wear hazmat suits to protect themselves from pathogens, but when their hose disconnects, allowing these pathogens in the air, not just exposing the worker, but potentially exposing the people who live in the surrounding community.

It’s difficult for congress to know what was redacted, to know whether there was a serious danger involved or not.

“It is vital for the safety of CDC lab scientists and for the public that the CDC has a full picture of all incidents involving dangerous germs such as anthrax, Ebola, plague, and possibly the reconstituted flu strain that caused 50 million deaths in the 1918 pandemic,”

Yes indeed. Read the full story here.