Archived CDC information reveals that the CDC knows that the virus found in some types of monkeys are in the polio vaccine because it’s made from monkey kidneyThis information in the wayback machine, the way google archives information, it doesn’t want you to find reveals the following:

  • The CDC found the virus in 1960 and later found in the polio vaccine.
  • SV40 does not “cause” cancer but more studies are needed.
  • Polio vaccines today do not cause cancer and have been free of SV40 since 1960.
  • An estimated 10-30 million people received the injected not the oral polio vaccine that may have contained SV40. Not all of them do.

Look at the Wayback Machine for archived information on Google. You might be surprised at what is hidden there The secret to look this information up, is to use the phrase. web.archive in your search.