We are bombarded with toxins every day and it is this combination of factors that destroy the gut lining known as the leaky gut.  Here are six main factors that contribute to leaky gut.


When you have an important speech, you get butterflies in your stomach, you might throw up, or run to the bathroom, because your gut has nerves just like your brain. Your gut and your brain are ultimately connected. The body mind connection is important.


Things like fluoride, antibiotics, pesticides, motrin, mercury, BPA and Plastics contribute to leaky gut. We are bombarded in every day life by toxicity that we eat everyday including through the things we eat, and the products used to cook them, grown them or products that you drink out of, can change the gut microbiome and destroy the gut lining.

Food Particles

If you can see what you ate in your poop you are not digesting food properly. If you can see nuts or corn in the poop. You might have leaky gut. If gluten passes undigested through the gut lining, a person can feel flushed, glassy eyed much like someone who is high or drunk.


Antibiotics, medications of any type can destroy the gut lining. You have good and bad bacteria in your gut, and both are destroyed with antibiotics. You get yeast overgrowth, parasites or other issues if these are destroyed.


Salmonella, Shigella, Camphylobactor, E coli, and Yersia are examples of pathogens in your gut. The intestines have ways to remove pathogens, it’s a vital part of you immunity unless it becomes damaged and these pathogens invade the intestinal tract. Read more here.

Organ Malfunction

Your liver and kidney are natures way of filtering out your gut. If they aren’t working the toxins don’t leave the body the way a healthy body would. What organs fail? Adrenal glands fail resulting in fatigue. Your skin fails resulting in acne, rosacea, ezcema, psoriesis.. Your brain fails resulting in depression, ADHD, and and anxiety. Your sinus and mouth fails resulting in sinus infections colds and food intolerances. Your colon fails resulting in constipation, diarrhea and IBS. Your joints malfunction as well resulting in arthritis, fibromyalgia and headaches.