Do you have what I call an autism book or a movie. The same book or movie you have seen a billion times because your kids love it. According to this article, this repetition, is good for the child’s brain. All kids do this, autism or not because it helps with the following:

  • Vocabulary and word recognition. The repetition increases words, adds to vocabulary and expands expressive language, especially if the book includes pictures. For kids with hyperlexia, this can build the vocabulary.
  • Pattern and rhythm-The child increases her vocabulary listening to the same words over and over again. She understands the pattern of language.
  • Fluency-The ability to read with expression
  • Comprehension-To understand what you are reading
  • Confidence-The repetition helps the child read without stumbling with confidence.



We read the book so much, it’s memorized, and it looks like the child is reading. You look a little carefully as well on why the child picked this particular movie. If you have a little engineer, he might watch monsters Inc to watch the doors open and close. He’s interested in doors. Look at where and when he mentions lines from books and movies. If you know the context, the child could be communicating. This can be the beginning of communication for kids on the on the spectrum.  Enjoy what they enjoy and learn what they want to learn. It’s the best way to learn how he thinks and what he’s trying to say to you. Sometimes kids on the spectrum understand way more than we think when we see that the context makes sense in the conversation if you know what that context is. Pay attention to this. It’s important for your child’s communication skills.