If you were not aware, you cannot sue the pharmacist, the doctor, nurse or school or anyone who gives you a vaccine for any reason. They can put whatever they want in the vaccine and there is basically nothing you can do about it. Now, President Trump has added something to the Health and Human Services website to allow you to file a religious or conscience complaint.

As the government, state by state is slowly removing our right to a religious exemption, we are losing our ability to exempt from vaccine mandates. In the state of Virginia, the law for religion is also for anything against your conscience. Any state can  give a vaccine while you are unconscious if you sign to allow biologic. If you have any type of surgery under anesthesia, you can wake up and find out you were given a flu shot, without your consent.

This is allowing people to that have had this happen to them to file a complaint at the HHS to state that their conscious rights were violated if this was done. It’s allowing us who refuse vaccines to take a stand.

Here is the form.