Police Need Training on How to Spot Autism.

Some people with autism, don’t understand the world around them and never really grow up. This case was an full grown black man playing with a train. The police tell him to stand down and he was traumatized.

5 Ways to Spot Autism.

1. Stimming. Shaking, or flicking fingers. This is stimulating to him and for him it helps him to concentrate.

2. No eye contact, and painful to do so.

3. No speaking, or articulation problems. or speech that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. He may have a fixated topic of discussion. Some people focus on television, commercials or movies. (expressive language)

4. Does not understand speech. If an officer speaks to him and he doesn’t respond or doesn’t know how to respond. Doesn’t answer or doesn’t speak clearly.

5. Sometimes people on the spectrum are accused of not obeying a police officer or running from one. People with trouble communicating may need time to understand what is said or know how to respond. Their only response is to run or to fight or the Fight/flight response. They may need it said a few different ways and time to think. They also might react to yelling or the sound of a gun shot with fear. They cower or or hold hands over the ears to drown out the noise. Bright lights, loud noises or things you might use to get someone to confess, would make them shut down completely.


In this case, his caregiver tried to tell the police his charge didn’t understand. He couldn’t interfere because they would say he wasn’t obeying. His charge, was an adult playing with his toy truck. The fact he was playing with a toy,  should have been a clue to the police.