Goodness knows the CDC has tried to scare you about the latest outbreak or epidemic.   Bird flu, measles, SARS, H1N1, Swine flu. Every October, the CDC scares you with an outbreak and by March they forgot about it. Ebola who? The disease of the year is getting earlier and earlier. Zika is summer virus since it is supposed to come from mosquitoes. But now they are spraying pesticides, killing the bees. Zika has been around for 70 years and it just causes flu like symptoms. Don’t get caught up in the fear of Zika. Get caught up in the fear of the pesticide that is really causing the microencephaly. These outbreaks area always with the vaccinated. Their vaccine failed to protect them.

Their latest fear mongering about diseases is backfiring lately, and no one bats an eye. No one is scared. Though each time gives them massive funding and then whatever the disease was, just disappears and the media stops talking about it.

Now the CDC is waiting for the next big October Surprise.  The next big outbreak so they can force vaccinate everyone or make you vaccinate to ride a bus or a plane. They created a law to lock you up forever without due process for skipping a worthless vaccine. Where’s the sanity in that?

The next outbreak will fizzle after 3 people get it. No big pandemic. Nothing will happen. You can’t get the military to do your dirty work either because they are vaccine injured too. They have vaccine injured children and they will fight to protect them not inject them.

The CDC wants so badly for a disease to come back so that people will beg to be vaccinated. It has to look to the public that they are coming to our rescue and we are happy to see them.  Instead, no one cares.

Let’s move on. It’s not working.