The month of November will be filled with examples of how viruses, bacteria and parasites can cause depression. Is it a new concept to scientists to look for medically treatable conditions when one is depressed instead of always saying it is a chemical imbalance. The chemical imbalance is result of these issues, and it’s band aid for the root of the problem. All of these create the chemical imbalance and a real “cure ” requires us to look a little closer.

I’m going to discuss Toxoplasma, Bartonella, PANDAS or from a strep infection, lyme disease,  how the immune system effects depression, allergies, fluoride, lead, chemicals and mold can all cause depression symptoms.  It’s so easy to offer a quick fix, but instead I will go through the month of November and address each one individually.  These are all questions, your doctor should be asking when one proclaims they are depressed.

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