1. Abnormal brain connectivity disorder
  2. Autism ALARM Size and magnitude of Autism is 1 in 66. 1% of population to now 1 in 68. Autism is going down along with the decrease of thimerosal.
  3. No controversy. No dispute. Vaccines Cause Autism
  4. Mercury comes from thimerosal which doesn’t come from nature but from Eli Lilly. Designer mercury because it’s water saluble. It’s ethyl mercury. Mercury designed to penetrate human tissue. People used to play with mercury because it didn’t get absorbed through the skin. Now it does. Mercury binds to the cell and the body can’t get rid of it.
  5. Purpose was to use instead of antibiotic. Does not work to remove bacteria but will kill humans because it kills neurons. 330 times more toxic for neurons than for bacteria.
  6. Have not removed it from vaccines.
  7. 1930s rapid expansion of vaccine schedule. Triple mercury dose of mercury in vaccines and this is when autism increased.
  8. 2-3 mcgs which is huge in this increase. 1999 recommendation to remove mercury, but no recall and that didn’t happen.
  9.  Every year flu shot plus H1N1 had 25 mcg with two shots. Cumulative basis of mercury approaching 200mcg of mercury. It has not been removed from flu shots.
  10. CDC says mercury removed from vaccines (except flu shots) which is where it all is. It has NOT been removed.
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