This is Robin Roberts wearing a picc line covering on her arm. Hers matches her outfit. You either wear the cover, or you wear long sleeves or both. She had a picc for another reason, but it shows you what it looks like.

You also could not go swimming or get your arm wet not even to take a shower, or the adhesive to hold the bandage would come off. You don’t realize how much you miss that until you can’t do it. If you want to take a shower, you have to cover your arm in plastic.The doctor said to use a bag, but the bag the newspaper came in fit perfectly on my arm with a little bit of tape. I don’t even read the newspaper, I needed the bag.

The reality of Lyme treatment was a picc line, an IV permanently in my arm for 3 years and a nurse coming to change the bandage every week with constant changing of medications. An IV going up to six hours a day. It made me focus on my book. And I did, and that was the good part about it.

My treatment was both natural and with conventional treatments. It worked for me. I’m not going to explain it because what worked for me, and what worked for my kids were all different, so Lyme is unique to you.

If you are going to through treatment now, I know it feels like it will never end. It will. It’s amazing to take a shower without a bag on your arm. It’s like I have a life again. The first thing I did was go swimming then sit in the hot tub, just because I could. I have more energy now than in my twenties. I’m in my forties. It’s not age that made me tired. It’s Lyme. When I got rid of the Lyme, the energy returned.

If you are going through it, it will be better.

you’ll see.

I understand though if you feel like punching me for saying that.

I understand you. I do.