I kept all the information written down to explain what it was like when I had Lyme. This is an excerpt.

My energy was so bad, for so long, that I had to think about every tiny step I needed to basically just get ready for the day. There was such intense pain to move, plus the normal crack and crunch of my jaw because I grind my teeth. I grind them so much I would dream that my teeth were falling out, and wake up to make sure they were still there.

I could not stand too long to dry my hair, but the dryer didn’t reach the bed and I was forced to stand up. All I can think about when drying my hair, was when do I get to sit again. When I can’t stand any longer, my hair looks good enough and decide to let it stay damp.

I need enough energy to get down the stairs and get breakfast. I make it down the stairs to sit down at the table by using the handrail to drag myself down. There is no food waiting for me so I have to get up again to eat because if I don’t the queasy feeling won’t go away. I heat up my food and sit down to eat it. My legs feel like they are going to fall off but I feel some relief when I sit….

If you’re looking for someone who relates to what it’s like to have Lyme, be under that much pain and have intense fatigue, you found me. Imagine this much much pain and not able to talk about it. Imagine having a doctor who tells you that pain was in your head.

That’s real Lyme awareness. My doctor always said that every kid with autism should be tested for Lyme. When I talk about Lyme treatment for my kids, I did it too. Read my other posts to see how much better I am now. Lyme is treatable, and with the right doctor it takes time.