When you want to have impact in your audience, cater your speech to fit their needs. When you know more about them, you can cater your speech to be about what they care about, and it helps to wake them up to other things. Medical professionals, people who foster cats and dogs, parents of young children, pregnant moms, and military personnel all need their own speeches and in Toastmasters, you can unite all of them against vaccines if they know their part.

1.If your audience is a medical professional, doctor, nurse, insurance salesman you can talk about medical discrimination.

Blue Cross Blue Shield pays the patient for being vaccinated and it also pays the doctor. You can do a speech on a risk benefit analysis on vaccine injuries. An entire argument can be derived by doctors kicking you out of their office for not being vaccinated. The trick is, that people who don’t vaccinate are healthier and don’t need to go to the doctor as often. You can talk about the financial windfall to get vaccinated, to come back later with the flu, auto immunity, allergies and how much money that doctor made from one well check.

2. If your audience has someone who fosters cats and dogs or is simply a cat or dog owner, you can talk about how animals don’t get adopted because of vaccines.

Animals who don’t get adopted because they can’t be around other animals are people is the same behavior of small children not able to communicate or socialize. It’s autism for animals. Cats and dogs becoming autistic just like people do. Veterinarians understand wisely not to over vaccinate your pets. Pet adoptions think they are protecting the dog or cat by vaccinating but in fact the whole reason this animal can’t go up the stairs, needs surgery, can’t be around other dogs are small children or bite, is from vaccines. The comparison of animal behavior and human behavior is very similar after a vaccine, and the reason this animal doesn’t get along with other family members is the same reason why a human won’t. It’s because of vaccines.

3.  Parents of young children need to know that the purpose of well visits are to vaccinate.

Well check visits are purposely timed to fit the vaccine schedules. Their entire creation is the train the parents to vaccinate from even before birth. The parents are in an ever revolving door between a well check and sick check, and like clockwork, six weeks after the vaccine, the child has a eczema, allergies, colds and flu so the child is back at the doctor for more antibiotics which destroy the gut, and the immune system of the child. The child cannot stop going to the doctor as long as the parent keeps taking him for well checks that don’t make him well.

4. Pregnant moms need rules to learn that if they are going to vaccinate, how to do so safely and when not to vaccinate.

I covered this in Rules for Pregnant Moms.

Military families need to watch a movie available on you tube called Direct Order.

It’s about military personnel permanently injured from the anthrax vaccine. They had a direct order to use it and could be thrown in jail for avoiding vaccines even knowing that it could or already has permanently injured them for life.