Jim LeMunyon


Karrie Delaney


The  people running for delegate in Fairfax and Chantilly areas is Jim Lemunyon and Karrie Delaney. She was the woman speaking in Richmond on August 3 for Voices for Vaccines. I have checked into this organization carefully.  Read here about their scientists.

Two scientists in particular stand out because of who they are are what organizations they represent. Voices for vaccines is a nonprofit and claims it is parent to parent. It claims that it is financed by parents donations and it explains how you become anti vaccine to pro vaccine.

So many problems listed here. One is that most parents who are “anti vaccine’ already have one vaccine injured kid and we don’t want another. one. Some of us are vaccine injured as adults and we don’t want that to happen to our kids. In my case I’m both.  We believed in vaccines and did what we were told on time and on schedule and suffered huge consequences. People don’t go from “anti vaccine” to pro vaccine. They vaccinate until their child is injured or dies and they stop. They don’t vaccinate anyone else in the family.

Two scientists at least I’ll point out for today’s article is Paul Offit and Deborah Wexler. Their affiliations and that they are known to profit from vaccine mandates should worry you. They do profit from your child’s injuries.

Paul Offit has developed a patent for the rotavirus vaccine. He makes money from any organization even a non profit to benefit himself. He claimed “inventing a vaccine was like winning the lottery”. The vaccine was worth over 181 million dollars.

The other scientist to question is Deborah Wexler because of her affiliation with Immunization Action Coalition. This is partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics. The AAP’s corporate friends are Merck and Sanofi Pasteur. In other words, following the money trail. Deborah Wexler gets paid indirectly if vaccines are mandated.


Now Karrie Delaney is running against Jim LeMunyon in the Chantilly Fairfax area in Virginia. She runs as “just a mom” and you can be sure, that if she wins as a Virginia Delegate expect to line up and get your vaccines if you live in Virginia.


I spoke with Jim  LeMunyon about this issue and he think that mandatory vaccines have no chance of passing. They passed in California, Mississsippi and West Virginia so it could pass in Virginia too if no one pays attention.


So I beg you. If you live in Jim Lemonyon’s district. Call him. Tell him you don’t support vaccine mandates and therefore you don’t support Karrie Delaney. He’s open and friendly about this, but as far as I know,  I am the only one that contacted him. He needs his own district constituents to call him. He’ll call you back. He did for me.  Here is his website and his phone number is 703-264-1342

He thinks this is not a big concern because no one has called him. That’s because people think vaccines are mandatory already. People are not allowed to know that exemptions exist. Tell him you want exemptions to stay the way they are.