Acting Crazy, and Depression may actually be Lyme. At least according to Jesse Colon Young. You may not know his name, but you know his song. Jesse Colon Young who wrote Come Together in a band called the Youngbloods. The song goes.

Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.

But people don’t get together for Lyme. The doctors disagree, the tests are not accurate and the people need to treat all the diseases the ticks carry not just Lyme.

Jesse says.

The blood tests are not very accurate and it also depends on the lab you send them to. A doctor actually has to listen to every symptom you have and that takes time … most doctors don’t have it, what do they put aside for a visit ten-fifteen minutes? We had a Lyme doctor here in South Carolina and they suspended his license, and this happens all over the country. They do that because he’s prescribing long-term aggressive and expensive treatment. One of my antibiotics cost six hundred bucks with insurance. That was an important one for a co-infection, when you’re bitten by the tick you just don’t get Lyme’s, you get other diseases with it, and you’ve kind of got to fight them all at the same time.”


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