First of all, I’m not telling this story just about a random doctor I found in the internet. Dr  Suzanne Humphries is a personal friend, and I am writing her story because I’m devastated that this happened to her and because of how brilliant she is a researcher and a scientist. I want to encourage people to watch her free videos on you tube and to read her books because I’ve done the research as well and I love to have a doctor back up what I say.

Dr Humphries was threatened personally and could have been seriously hurt or injured, if it wasn’t for her forward thinking to take her car to the mechanic at the right time. Her email was horrifying and scary, and she was smart by posting it on you tube in case something did happen.

Here’s the video of the threat.

Dr Humphries was was threatened in this email, read in the video above, and most of which I can’t even print here. “I’m going to F-ing murder you, you F-ing c—t.  Later,  her car made unusual noises and she takes it to the mechanic to find her brakes were clamped and her car was significantly altered to cause break failure intending to cause harm to herself or her family. Dr Humphries thankfully was not injured.


Why would Dr. Humphries be threatened in this way. As you can see from lectures like this, her background in medicine threatened the political establishment.  As a kidney specialist, she heard from patients over and over again that their kidneys were functioning well until they were vaccinated. As she did her homework, she found that the vaccine ingredients could potentially cause kidney failure and not 1 in a 1,000, o00 as they claim but more like 1 in 1,000. She began to study the history of vaccines and realized what she knew as a certified doctor was wrong and that doctors are taught virtually nothing in medical school about vaccines. Her book Rising from the  Dead is about her journey and how she discovered that.



Here’s an example of her some of her lectures available for free on you tube.