Anne Marie Schubert, District Attorney of Sacramento California took her son, twelve years old, to the doctor because he injured his back. The doctor insisted that he have the HPV vaccine while he was there. Syncope is a side effect of the HPV vaccine. It means fainting. He fell backward so hard and fast, his head hit the floor hard, and permanently injured him.

“His head slammed full force onto the floor, which was like concrete,” Schubert said. “For a moment, I thought he was dead.”  Ns Schubert replied in the Sacramento Bee

Schubert cannot sue even if her son had actually died because of a law in 1986 that does not allow her to sue anyone who gave the vaccine including doctors, or pharmacists.  Her son, who she declines to name for privacy reasons has fallen hard backwards, hitting his head hard on the floor, causing a skull fracture. As a result of this fainting, he is now deaf in one ear.

 Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines are for the Human Papillomavirus and the CDC insists this is safe, They also insist that boys need this vaccine as well as girls thought it’s mainly cervical cancer, which boys cannot get because they don’t have a cervix.

Most People who get HPV have no symptoms at all. So essentially, He had a vaccine for something that has no symptoms but the “cure” caused a head injury and deafness in one ear. The Vaccine insert lists: Pain at injection site, fainting, anaphlaxis, swelling bruising and dizziness. Patients are supposed to be monitored for 15 minutes after the injection for signs of these injuries. listed.

As Ms. Schubert fights this in court, she will go to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  This court does not usually favor the defendant. Although she has fought hard and won in her battles as attorney general, this battle will be the toughest one yet.