You were taught you are required to get a flu shot for school, and you’ll die without it because so many people die from the flu every year.  Yet you are confused because you know they picked the wrong strain…again. You think about the doctors on television who say that everyone is getting their flu shot, and that it’s a very popular thing to do every October like clockwork. No matter how many people get the flu vaccine, the numbers of how many die from the flu never seems to change.

The argument is always going back to the influenza epidemic of 1918. This will happen, they are so certain it will happen any day. The truth is, the people who died from the flu then actually died from aspirin poisoning. You can take too much aspirin. It’s called Rye syndrome. The only thing they had at the time was aspirin and that’s when the flu vaccine first began.

What they didn’t have but you do, is good hygiene and better sanitation. Every disease improves or goes away with better sanitation and good hygiene. Dr Ignas Sammelweis an Austrian doctor was called a savior of women because noticed how many women died during childbirth at the time wondered why. He soon realized that it might be a good idea to wash your hands between giving an autopsy, and delivering a baby.  You would think the other doctors would applaud and congratulate him for what we take for granted now.

No, Dr Sammelweis was called a quack and called crazy. Now that’s what every doctor says to prevent the flu. Wash your hands was a crazy conspiracy theory before the term existed. This is the go to term for anyone who doesn’t say what everyone else says. A good doctor finds new science,when the old science no longer works. Now, people are called crazy for doing this.

If you have a doctor who can see the flu shot isn’t working. He allowed to find a new hypothesis. Every patient should know who he was, and chances are, you probably haven’t heard of him.