In the movie Gaslight, Ingrid Bergman was deceived into thinking what she saw right in front of her was a figment of her imagination. When your child gets a vaccine and  you see them stop speaking, have a seizure, develop an allergy, you are told by your doctor that it didn’t happen and it’s a figment of your imagination.

This is a modern technique to shut down opposing  voices, or for censorship. The idea is to keep you from speaking out because you think the doctor has more experience with vaccines, and who knows and understands the side effects, but there is problem with that.

Your doctor was also gas lit. He was told Vaccines are awesome, there are no side effects and in essence, what he sees with his own patients did not happen. If he speaks up, his colleagues as gaslight him too, and even in the extreme, may take away his license.

Your doctor  is not allowed to say anything about vaccines. If he is a pediatrician, his job is to give them out and then repair the damage. They do this over and over all day long, and still don’t see it because they were told in medical school, those symptoms are a coincidence.

You need to recognize and stick to your guns. If you saw a vaccine injury. You really did. You didn’t imagine it.

If you are a doctor, Wake up!