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Breaking the Autism Code: A Guide for New Parents Order Here.

Since the birth my twin boys I have been on a journey of discovery, one I first believed was a new exploration driven by their diagnoses. I have since learned is as much about my own healing as it is theirs.

The truth is there no such thing as typical autism. No matter what uninformed professionals and parents might believe, diagnoses of autism are increasing exponentially every year, with more diverse subtypes of autism being recorded.

You can take charge of your child’s healing, by learning how to communicate with your children, by interpreting their non-verbal behaviors and addressing their pain and distress. This is a big help in developing specific treatment plans. This book will save you money, time, energy and suffering by helping you create a plan that works with your insurance plan, and helps you balance all the changes at home with parallel shifts in medical treatments, school plans, and remedial/emotional support systems.

New parents can be overwhelmed with this diagnosis and all the disruptive behavior that can arise. You need a guide like this to make your life (and the life of your child!) easier. This book explores many factors that affect autistic symptoms, from Lyme disease, toxicity, vaccine injury, and gut and immune problems. Each chapter combines real-life stories, tips to interpret the behavioral codes associated with each factor, a clear explanation of the challenges and benefits of available treatments, resources to supporting an effective team-based approach, and authoritative, accessible citations for further research.

This book will be a boon to for new parents, because you’ll have the information you need to decide where to start, and how to move forward effectively. Instead of exhausting yourselves and your budget by trying random treatments suggested by friends in the community, or listening to doctors and teachers who may not know their child well enough to decode a behavior fully, Get a readable guide to supporting your child, and your own sanity, with what your family really needs.

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Who should read this book?

  • Bewildered parents who have watched their child slip into autism
  • Worried parents whose child has recently been handed the autism diagnosis
  • Concerned parents who want to understand their child’s behavior
  • Determined parents who need to plan and budget for the unpredictable path of healing
  • Any parent who seeks to understand the conflicting claims and sources of autism information

Why you need this book:

  • To identify the root of their child’s “typical autism symptoms,” and make a plan to overcome the pain and confusion behind those behavioral clues.
  • To learn where to begin, what doctors to see and what tests are needed to address potential associations like Lyme and other treatable infections.
  • To discover that the gut, the brain and the immune system are connected with overlapping functions, and how to improve health for the whole family.
  • To get an overview on the many diets suggested for rebalancing health, pros and cons, and know which one will help their child.
  • How to get the best coverage out of your insurance.
  • To have a guide to all the acronyms at the school level so their child gets the appropriate services and they can advocate for their child’s health.
  • To get the answers to commonly asked questions about vaccines, and have a clear, fundamental understanding about the CDC/FDA and pharmaceutical corruption.