There is a disease that they call “polio like” because it can’t be polio since everyone who gets it has already been vaccinated for Polio. It’s calling paralysis, and it has the identical symptoms. It could be polio like, or actually be polio.

If it is, that means the vaccine did not work, and it means that doctors cannot say that vaccines were responsible for wiping out polio when it actually didn’t. The truth is, polio was never gone, just given many new names.

Entreovirus D68 is called polio like according to the CDC because if it was called polio, it would show the fraud the CDC has shown for the past 60 years and ruin their reputation.

The CDC describes the Entrevirus as most people don’t get sick or only have a mild illness or flu like symptoms. If you look at archive of the CDC of polio it says that most people with polio or 72 out of 100 will have no symptoms and 1 in 4 will have flu like symptoms, nearly the same thing.

 The CDC itself admits that Polio is only considered polio if the person is unvaccinated. or been to a country where there are people with polio who are unvaccinated.  Otherwise it gets a name like Acute Flaccid Paralysis, or Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Guillion Barre Syndrome is a side effect of the influenza vaccine which is implied here.


So in other words, you can’t get polio if you have the polio vaccine, but if you have the flu shot, you get Guillion Barre, which causes the same symptoms of polio with a new name.  Read the story of Lisa Marks Smith who had a flu shot and became paralyzed.