Edward Bernays, Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger and Bill Gates-How to Reduce the Population as a method of Women’s Rights

Edward Bernays: Cigarettes were torches to freedom

Women were smoking because it was to break a taboo that women were not allowed to smoke. He found debutantes to light up as a protest to allow the women to smoke as it was an honor to smoke. It meant women could vote, drive a car, or own a credit card. These were the real feminist issues of the time.

Do you see the parallels to today? Today, women can vote but are told who to vote for, and what issues. If you don’t follow those parameters, you were anti feminist or against women.

This is Margaret Sanger. She said “black people were weeds.” She was eugenicist who believed that there were too many people in the world. She was also the founder of planned parenthood. This is supposed to be the epicenter of women’s rights. They have the right to reproduction and vaccines. Look at the real agenda.

This is Bill Gates, also a eugenicist. He believed the world was overpopulated and we could fix it with reproductive rights and vaccines. We could reduce the population by 10 or 15%. He was proud of the Gates Foundation for promoting vaccines.