There is a bigger threat than Ebola, it is the Awan Brothers and the Deep State. When corruption of individuals reaches the highest points, the government pulls out every distraction that they can get.

Usually it takes a year to build up momentum with the latest, greatest disease scare to tell you how dangerous is, but it’s really instant scurvy. Drink your organge juice and take your selenium and vitamin C and you’ll be fine. It won’t come to the United States. It’s just a distraction.

Besides that, when they tried to scare you with Ebola last time, it blew up in Nancy Snyderman’s face. Remember that when the next reporter, tells you how dangerous Ebola is, and goes out there without quarantining herself like Nancy did and goes to buy some soup. Read Nancy’s story here, and don’t fall for it a second time.

You should be pay attention to people who use the intelligence Agencies  capabilities to spy in congress, spy in White House, campaigns and transition using flimsy information.

This is the timeline from Sharyl Atkisson. See the link here.


The terms you need to know: The Awan brothers, or Stefan Halper. Watch the videos of George Webb.