Here are my notes from this talk.

  1. Just because you are GFCF doesn’t mean the brownies cakes and cookies are good for you.
  2. Healthy Gut equals healthy brain.
  3. Autonomic nervous system in the brain which is also in the gut. These are nerves that we don’t think about. Heart, breath…
  4. 70% of your immune system in your gut
  5. We have lymph nodes in the brain which clear infections from the body.
  6. Good and bad parasites in the body
  7. Healthy microbiome inherited from mother. Did you have a bad diet, antibiotics.
  8. Eat more fiber
  9. People who are hygiene fanatics have higher incidents of Alzheimer’s.
  10. There are good parasites as well as bad.
  11. GFCF diet, antioxidants, cruciferous veggies
  12. You need fat in the brain. The bad oil or oxidized oil and it’s sticky. Like an oil change.
  13. We do not want low cholesterol or low fat. They need both
  14. Eat Fermented foods Book is called Wild Fermentation
  15. Hyper OCD diets need low phenol, low histamine and low MSG
  16. Diarrhea or constipation diets need GAPS or SCD diets
  17. Children can’t digest gluten or casein and are addicted opiate effect
  18. Celiac can mimic autism
  19. Diabetes and MS also have leaky gut like autism
  20. Avoid food additives like MSG
  21. Minicycline or rosemary essential oils block glutamate.
  22. Types of Testing-
  23. SIBO Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth-Good bacteria growing where it isn’t supposed to. The nerves are damaged and food doesn’t digest.
  24. You can do a stool test, food sensitivities skin test,, yeast PANS
  25. Some can’t process pesticides or glyphosate
  26. High aluminum in their blood, stop in the diet including the packaging.
  27. Arsenic sprayed on fruits and still considered organic. Also in rice and chicken.
  28. You can change your  gut with diet in just a few days.
  29. Over consume diary acts like an opiate
  30. Avoid sulphur to stop sulfur based bacteria
  31. SIBO diet uses fodmaps diet.
  32. Low Oxalate diet
  33.  Ketogenic diet. Needs a doctor supervision
  34. Modified Atkins high fat, mod protein