This is Haley Lyons’ son Lewis who had septicaemia. a complication of chicken pox and ibuprofen.


To Compare, this is what chicken pox looks like without ibuprofen.

Chicken pox last 5-10 days which can feel like an eternity because of the awful itch which only is worse with ibuprofen or asprin. If you scratch, it can make the infection worse. Keep your skin cool and dry with loose clothing. Take a benadryl to ease your symptoms.  Take a cool bath, as hot will aggravate the symptoms. 

The ibuprofen or NSAIDS can create “severe skin and soft tissue complications. “

5 Things To Know About Chicken Pox.

It lasts 5-7 Days

An itchy fluid filled rash that turns to scabs.



Loss of Appetite


You are not inoculated against chicken pox with a vaccine because even the CDC admits that you can still get chicken pox even with the vaccine. Inoculated means you cannot get it again. Inoculated therefore is not the same as vaccinated.