This is a video of an interview with Suzanne Humphries who is a nephrology or a kidney doctor and who wrote the book Dissolving Illusions.. She is an expert on vaccine injuries because of the people she found that had kidney failure after getting a vaccine, she decided to investigate. When she tried to speak out about the kidney failure related to vaccines, she was criticized and ridiculed.

Here’s why I recommend this book.

  1. Doctors don’t read medial literature about vaccines. They don’t learn anything about vaccine damage. They are taught that vaccines don’t cause damage.
  2. Provoking the immune response by artificial means when we know so little about it.
  3. Viruses and bacteria are part of the immune system in the microbiome.
  4. antibodies are after the recovery of measles. Not a marker of immunity.
  5. Smallpox mandatory vaccines caused more smallpox in the 1800s.
  6. Isolation worked better than mandatory vaccines and gave the vaccines the credit.