No matter what happens to you, no matter how sick you get, the mainstream media will always tell you to be vaccinated. Even this year, the H3N2 vaccine is 90% not effective but the mainstream media will always tell you to get vaccinated.  The New York Times pushes the vaccine quite aggressively.

The New York Times will tell you get the flu shot even knowing full well it doesn’t work. H3N2 Adapts to be grown in chicken eggs, says Dr Peter Doshi. What does that mean? It means that most flu vaccines are designed in chicken eggs don’t work and never have. This year the flu vaccine was described as being 10% effective or 90% ineffective.

Dr Doshi, in another article admits that respiratory diseases doesn’t always mean influenza, but only in about 16%. Of the hundreds of thousands of influenza cases, only 16% tested positive for influenza.  That means they don’t have flu and never did, so when the New York Times pushes again, a third time to get the flu vaccine, the reason it didn’t work again is because you have a different disease. You don’t have influenza, and the vaccine didn’t prevent anything.