People with bartonella often seee a psychiatrist or a neurologist instead of seeing doctor for medical symptoms. Since doctors are often so specialized that that the treatment for bartonella is to look at the mental symptoms and the physical symptoms as two separate events, when in fact they have the same underlying factors.

Bartonella is a bacteria that comes from fleas, lice or ticks


Bartonella has physical symptoms.

  • Headache
  • Rash
  • Fever
  • Memory
  • Balance
  • blurred vision

The rash is the part that fails to be recognized as misdiagnosed as other things.

Bartonella his psychiatric symptoms as well.

  • Aggitation
  • Panic
  • Depression

Bartonella as sometimes the only symptoms are the pysychiatric symptoms, they are treated as such with medication for the brain, and though that might treat a few symptoms, people don’t get better because the doctor hasn’t also looked at the physical symptoms.