Breaking the Autism Code

A Guide for New Parents

CIndy Lang Walsh, author & mother

Cindy Lang Walsh has been on her own healing journey since her youth, when mononucleosis derailed her first career goals. This lead Cindy to a series of jobs and experiences that has forged her skills as a researcher, investigator, and health advocate. Working in IT, pharmaceuticals, and government (at FOIA), acquainted her well with the drug approval process as well as researching controversial topics. 

“When you cannot speak you cannot tell the world how you feel but you still do your best to express your feelings and frustrations.”

This book grew out of my experiences – as a mother of autistic twins, as well as my own journey to understanding my own biology and sensitivities. Although I do  not have autism, the same underlying medical conditions and immune challenges have affected my children and I.

When you cannot speak you cannot tell the world how you feel but you still do your best to express your feelings and frustrations.  Children on the spectrum will act it out. Experts describe this as typical autism behaviors, but far from being meaningless distress, our autistic children are communicating. I realized I could interpret and explain it in great detail because I lived it. I know I can help parents understand how their children why they are reacting the way they do.

My sons changed my life

When I had my identical twins, I was already seeking answers to my own medical dilemmas. As the boys grew, I watched them slip away, slowly with each vaccine, but most noticeably after their MMR injections.

They both have an autism diagnosis but their symptoms were vastly different from each other.  Some things worked well for one but not the other or vice versa. I began quest to cure my sons, driven to find answers I wasn’t getting from my healthcare practitioners.

I attended ‘Moms of Multiple’ groups, wanting to ask the mothers of identical twins if one had autism and one did not. In this research, I met a mother named Kimberly Stewart who had twins separated at birth. Only the vaccinated one developed autism. This began my quest to dig deeper into vaccine injury.

I attended autism conferences and learned there were many other things that can create the symptoms we know as ‘autism.’ Environmental causes from heavy metals, infections, allergies and sensitivities can all contribute to a child’s behavior. Often, a childs behaviors hold clues to which medical treatments will work for that child.  Autism is very complicated medical issue and experienced differently by everyone.

Some Surprising Answers

Some of these doctors talked about the symptoms of Candida related complex was an intense craving for sugar, and realized how impossible it was for her to give up sugar because the cravings were overwhelming. Cindy learned that her chronic fatigue was not because she was lazy, but that she had Lyme disease and an underactive thyroid. Her identical twins also had Lyme disease and that as many as 20% of children on the spectrum also have Lyme. She learned that her stomach problems were not irritable bowel syndrome but that she was allergic to gluten and casein, and her kids had the same allergies. Her headaches were from mercury in her teeth. When she was pregnant, she and her children were breathing it in and born with mercury toxicity.

She interviewed people with these co-morbid conditions to ask them what kind of pain they felt and kept a journal of her own pain and discovered a connection with autism. People would say, “the garage was so loud it sounded like a gunshot,” or “my head hurts so much I felt like banging my head on the floor.” Kids with autism who cannot speak, would actually bang their heads on the floor or hide and cover their ears because the garage door was too loud.

The treatments people use on their kids, I’ve done myself. I limited sugar, began anti-fungal and thyroid treatments. Later on I discovered I had Lyme disease. In that process I began to exercise. During all of this the diary I kept recorded  how painful it was during the worst days. Some of this became stories in this book, which also derives from interviews with practitioners and parents. I’ve steadily documented my children’s progress and symptoms as well.

Getting the Message Out

I work to be an advocate for parents and kids affected by autism, an activist who helps get important messages out on social networks. I’m a member of Centreville Toastmasters, receiving the Advanced Communicator Bronze award as well as the President’s Distinguished Club. I have also served as President of my club. Toastmasters helped me honed my skills as speaker, communicator and writer.

I had a radio show called Kitchen Sink Autism, now on hiatus as I finish the publishing phase of the book. I’ve been featured other authors on this radio show such Ginger Taylor who was a contributor for Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children as well as Lisa Marks Smith who’s story was also told in the same book. Lisa Mark Smith almost died from the flu shot.

I’m the administrator for a group advocating for vaccine choice and to bring the movie VAXXED: from Cover-up to Catastrophe to Fairfax, Virginia. I act as administrator for several groups that support vaccine choice and for people to share their vaccine injury stories: Subpoena William Thompson, Vaccine Injury Support Group and Virginians for Medical Freedom.

I have given speeches at a fundraiser for Generation Rescue, at the Talk About Curing Autism Now Support Group in Delaware, and at the National Autism Association for Dr Warren M. Levin. I was the consultant for his patients on a volunteer basis to help them learn about the underlying conditions featured in this book until he retired. I’m a member of The TACA of Northern Virginia where I volunteers to help families with children on the spectrum. I was even featured in the movie, Loving Lampposts, currently available on Netflix. I live with my husband and two children in Chantilly, Virginia.