This is the exemptions map the way it stands now. If you come to Richmond in August 3, 2106 to fight for our right not to have aborted fetal tissues injected in our body. Yes vaccines do contain aborted fetal tissues. If you are prolife and you live in Virginia come to Richmond and fight.


This is from Suzanne Humphries. Your rights to decide what medical procedures you put in  your own body are about to be taken from  you.

People of Virginia please listen. EVEN if you LOVE vaccines and want some vaccines for your kids, this applies to you. They are getting closer to taking away your RELIGIOUS vaccine exemption. This means you CANNOT REFUSE ANY VACCINES; NOT THE DAY ONE of life HEP B, NOT PREGNANCY vaccines, NOT HPV FOR YOUR BOYS AND GIRLS— nothing. If Virginia falls, this is a HUGE victory for those who want to remove all rights to all vaccine refusal. Please show up on the 3rd. You don’t have to say anything, just let them know you are among those who want to keep Virginia’s only non-medical vaccine exemption.

“Linked to Alzheimer’s, Yet It’s Being Mandated Without Safety Testing”

If you live in Virginia, attend the hearing in Richmond on August 3rd and let legislators know that you stand for preserving the existing law that protects religious freedom when it comes to making health care choices.

A review of current research and national practices based upon HB1342 is scheduled to be presented on August 3rd at 1:00 in the General Assembly Building in Senate Rm A.…/…/19/vaccine-rights-risks.aspx