Wheat Belly: Wheat is as addictive as crack. Trust me, I know this from personal experience. One taste or even a nibble, I think about eating that cookie once again. I smell it everywhere and even want to go to the wheat aisle (bakery section) and just smell it. Dr Wiliam Davis, author of The Wheat Belly, knows about this  addiction and he talks about it on CBS This Morning.

What people term as a beer belly, is really a wheat belly. Lose the weight by losing the wheat.


That’s a gluten free diet.  I mention this to do with autism because if you have kids who eat nothing but mac and cheese or pizza or steal food from other kids, or who can smell your dinner a mile a way, these kids are addicted. In autism, the undigested food goes right to the brain called glutomorphine. Autism doctors describe it like a morphine addiction.


Does your child look glassy eyed?

Does he steal food?

Does he eat nothing but wheat and milk?

Some of what we consider as autism behaviors are really addictive behaviors.

You want to know what that’s like. Try giving up wheat for a few weeks and then think about what you would you do if you can’t speak?

When people first begin these diets, the wheat is the hardest thing to give up. And like alcohol, you can experience a “gluten hangover”. You have  such a bad stomach ache, like being punched in the gut the next day or in the week after. So if you really want to eat it, plan what are you doing the next day or next week. I plan not to sleep, to have stomach aches, to feel utterly exhausted and to forget things, forget where I am trying to go and forget appointments and important dates.


That is not because of my age. It’s because I had a cheat day. I stand guilty.