1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

It makes suds. It makes your soaps and shampoo look soapy, produce more suds and because of this, you think it cleans better. That’s not accurate. It can however irritate the skin, and eyes.  

2. Triclosan

According to USA today, Triclosan is an antibacterial product in many soaps and detergents. The FDA did not see the benefit as any better than plain old soap and water.  People think they are better protected from diseases and illnesses because their soap or detergent has antibacterial qualities, but this is not true.

3. Formaldehyde

The New York Times claims that Johnson and Johnson the makes of “no more tears” baby shampoo will remove dioxane and quaternium-15  which releases formaldehyde from their shampoo. They claim that it was down to “trace amounts” and not at a harmful level, but isn’t it better to read an ingredient and knowing what it is without worrying it would cause cancer in animals.


When I went to get a haircut recently, my hairdresser asked what was I doing because the right side of my hair was significantly shorter. My hair was falling out. I was using a shampoo that was supposed to lighten my hair but what it was actually doing was making it fall out in large clumps. I had to switch my shampoo. I use a more natural shampoo with lavender oil now.

My hairdresser says ” wow your hair grew so much.” All I did was switch my shampoo. Sometimes it’s not about what your shampoo does have in it, but what it doesn’t. My new shampoo doesn’t have those ingredients. I am now using Young Living Lavender Shampoo.