See below for a chart about how MSG imacts your health  in Autism.

Theory of Autism-Simplified

1, MSG has fifty names and it’s in every kind of processed food because it makes bad food taste good and turns off your ability to tell you are full so you eat more. It’s a dream come true for food manufacturers because you won’t stop eating and you won’t know why.

2. It may be listed more than once in your favorite type of chips. In fact, it’s list seven or eight times. KFC soaks their chicken in MSG, and that’s why it taste so delicious.  These companies know just how addicting  it is and they won’t stop adding it to their foods because that’s really the reason you buy it.

3. Glutamate blocking Drugs are everywhere. So you can either take the drugs to combat the things that you eat, or just not eat them in the first place. Ibuprofen and abilify for example.

4 High concentrations of glutamate in gluten and casein which impacts your speech. As many as 65% of autism is helped with a GFCF diet.


to study in depth.