While in madagascar, we have the latest outbreak of the plague to try to frighten you with a vaccine yet again. We have multiple ways of reassurance in the United States. The history of diseases shows that most of them naturally disappear on their own without vaccines because of better sanitation and hygiene. We have an herbal remedy taken from many stories of the middle ages said to protect doctors who frequently were exposed to people with the plague and from thieves who were caught stealing from people who died from the plague, yet did not get sick themselves, and we have old school antibiotics. As much as the media may frighten you with stories about death of the plague, be rest assured that as it comes to countries better equipped to handle diseases, these disorders will go away naturally, and you can put your mind at ease.

The plague has killed hundreds of millions because during the middle ages, people did not properly dispose of the bodies of people who died from the plague, did not bathe, or wash their hands. They had virtually no protect and literally died in their own filth. The people left the bodies on the street, refusing the touch the bodies because they didn’t want to get infected themselves. The Plague or Yersinia Pestis spread person to person from air droplets and it’s origin was from rodents who bit the bodies, and the fleas that were biting the rodents who went to also bite the humans.  Currently there have been outbreaks of the plague in Madagascar, where there is a tradition of  digging up the dead and dancing with the body called famadihana. When the people properly dispose of the bodies, remove or destroy the rodents, and use herbs that repelled the fleas, the plague is gone. We even have patent for both the plague itself and for it’s vaccine. Effectively, we have created the cure, and the disease at the same time. 

If you prefer old school antibiotics, they will work fine for the plague. These may do a number on your gut, and you need probiotics and things to replenish the gut, but these antibiotics are one of the reasons why the plague is not something to worry about because  it’s easily treatable and fixable.

Doctors are Thieves used essential oils to protect themselves from the plague. Physicians wore long coats, a wide brimmed hat, long coat and gloves to protect themselves from the plague. The “beak” was filled with herbs to protect them from the plague. There were many stories as well about thieves who stole from people who died from the plague, and by all accounts, their exposure to victims should have killed them. When they were caught, they didn’t even get sick, so the stories go because they too, used herb to safely be around the dead bodies but not to die from the plague.

Dr Gary Young, in his research has heard 17 stories about such thieves with several recipes about what these herbs and he settled on 4 essential oils that seemed to be the most common in all these stories of the middle ages. These herbs were  rosemary, cinnamon, clove and lemon which are the ingredients in the Thieves oil by young living. This may or may not be an old wives tale but it’s just one way to maintain your health.