Breaking THe Autism Code Toxicity, vaccines, Gut and Lyme

Breaking the Autism Code

A Guide for New Parents

Breaking the Autism Code  The Key to Understanding Toxicity,  The Gut, Vaccines and  and Lyme Disease will give you the clues to figure out what behaviors are signals of your child’s pain and that is the first step to wellness. Learn how this pain feels for children who cannot express it, and the conditions associated with autism.

When you cannot speak you cannot tell the world how you feel.  But a child will still do their best to express your feelings and frustrations. Children on the spectrum will act it out in what experts describe as typical autism behaviors. Cindy Lang Walsh wrote this book to explain this to help parents understand how their children became the way they are and why they are reacting the way they do.

Learn what you can do for your child or a child you love, to help them cope with and even recover from this devastating disorder.

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What You Need to Know

How would you like the keys to understanding your child? A child’s behavior will provide clues to their pain, giving you a way in to their experience, the first step to wellness.

Our children are the canaries in the coalmine of toxins building over generations, now reaching a critical tipping point. Most parents are overwhelmed by data about toxicity and vaccines, two major reasons of autistic symptoms.

You want to reach a deeper understanding of the environmental triggers that keep your child’s health in crisis.


I know You Have Questions

You will learn how to interpret your child’s behavior for clues to the causes of his distress. Discover the major triggers for autism and what you can do to avoid them. Hear stories from parents going through what you have suffered, exploring their newly expanded options.


Working with schools and health care workers to provide the best care for your child. Understand the labyrinth of information about vaccines and vaccine injury that the CDC would rather not disclose. Learn what tests to avoid and which ones to ask for when learning about your child’s health. Learn the special relationship between gut and brain and how it affects behavior.

A Roadmap Forward

This book is more than inspirational, and more than my personal story. Breaking the Autism Code is different because it applies my personal experience to guide strategies for helping children with many kinds of autism symptoms.

It’s a guide for parents to decode behaviors and communicate more effectively with their children and the professional world they need to navigate to support their whole family.

In essence, my book is a practical guide to breaking many dialects of the autism code, and it will serve as a bridge to the excellent, but often intimidating, one-issue resources that require time and often advanced knowledge to interpret as applied tools for parents and professionals.

Coming Soon – Breaking the Autism Code, the Book

The book is in its final stages of publishing, and will soon be available soon as e-book and paperback printed version. Please join my mailing list to be informed of the progress, as well as helpful articles in the blog and other resources for parents of children on the spectrum.

  • increase in number of children diagnosed since 2007 80%
  • Percentage of girls relative to boys diagnosed 25%
  • Approximate research funding for Autism compared to other serious pediatric conditions 10%